About your host Turid

Turid has a unique ability to take care of people and give that little extra. When you visit Turid in Sjursnes, you will get a little more than you expected! Turid loves making others feel great. She has a positive and caring view of human life, spreads joy and gets everyone in a good mood.

With her background in service, coaching, management, spa, training and economy, Turid is a genuine and down-to-earth person who will strive to give YOU a special memory of this well-preserved secret – in informal, relaxed surroundings.

Turid’s motto: Providing great experiences with quality, kindness and joy!


Our partners

About Merethe

Merethe Forfang is our partner for wellness tours. She also has her heart in Sjursnes and, with her Sami roots, she conveys the Sami history of the area.

About our other partners

Sjursnes Kroa

Sjursnes Kroa run by Tone Moe is our partner for food, providing tasty treats based on local produce.

Lyngen Experience

Lyngen Experience is our maritime partner, transporting our guests in safety and comfort in their Targa 37.


Tromsø Safari

Tromsø Safari is our partner for some of our summer and winter activities.

Bussring and Tromsø Taxi

Bussring and Tromsø Taxi is our transport partners along the mountains and coastlines, providing safe and reliable transport for our guests in comfortable minibuses.


Welcome to Sjursnes and Turid’s place. Sjursnes is situated in the heart of the Ullsfjord. If you are lucky enough to visit this special place, you will enjoy the best views of the famous Lyngen Alps reflected in the fjord between the tall majestic peaks. Well off the beaten track, few people live in Sjursnes and the area remains virtually untouched.

It’s a well-kept secret – our “best kept secret” – and we wish to preserve this. Consequently, my place is reserved for small groups so everyone who ventures here can enjoy a truly special experience – a total experience you will long remember. You will receive a warm and genuine welcome – right from the heart!
I opened my heart to this beautiful place when we took over my partner’s family farm. My partner Are Hemmingsen has Sami roots and is the fourth generation on the farm. We wish to preserve the Coastal Sami culture and history and will convey this to our guests in an authentic and informal way.

Sjursnes is beautiful and magical place, regardless of the season. The strong, clear and beautiful colours here in late summer and autumn make Sjursnes ideal for our beautiful hikes in the mountains and surrounding countryside. I have had many wonderful experiences in the mountains surrounding the farm and I look forward to sharing these hikes with you.

We have also had many fantastic boat trips on the fjord. The fish were biting and we headed ashore and prepared and enjoyed the delicious, fresh fish in the open air while enjoying the stunning scenery. Moments like this are well preserved in my heart.

The steep mountains are just as spectacular every time I see them. Right up from the farm is the picturesque mountain peak Lavangstinden (1215 m above sea level). We can relax on the beach, light a fire, breathe in the fresh sea air and savour the incredible view. I never get tired of such experiences, and I awake each day looking forward to sharing magical moments like this with my guests.


The valley of Nakkedalen is one of my favourite hikes, regardless of the season. In the summer, we camp in our lavvu (Sami herdsmen’s tent) and fish in the lake. In winter, I love to put on snowshoes and hike in the valley and around the lake, Nakkevannet. It’s hard to match the special atmosphere of the old Sami camp here.

I look forward to taking my guests on hikes like this. Hiking between the steep mountains and picturesque lakes while enjoying is peace and tranquillity is something you simply must experience. It’s absolutely and completely magical. In the summer, we can take a refreshing dip in the deep pool. Feel and taste the pure, cold water from melted snow and ice – an amazing feeling!

In the winter, we can walk on the frozen lake, drill a hole in the thick ice, enjoy the silence and wait for the fish to bite. In the New Year, the sun returns after the darkness of the Polar Night. This wonderful combination of beautiful light and silence is something I enjoy sharing with my guests.